Coincidence is a beautiful thing and I believe everything, and I mean everything is just a coincidence. From the creating of the universe to me being born, everything is a coincidence. Me writing this to you reading this, coincidence. There are no soulmates, just some random people meeting somewhere and having a lot of things in common. There is no being that created earth (talking about God now) there was ball of heat which hit another ball of heat and created earth and the waste material created the moon. You being born wasn’t a plan. There’s no being who created you, you were born because your parents randomly met each other and hit off. There was a coincidence that we evolved into this kind of species which is super smart. For example. Let’s just take a normal boy/girl who’s parents met in a bar. What if the father decided to go to a different bar that night. That boy/girl wouldn’t have been born. Wouldn’t have even existed. Destiny ain’t a thing, nobody planned your life, where you’ll go, who you’ll meet, just a couple of coincidences. You’re a tiny sliver in a tiny planet in just one galaxy of millions in this big universe. Universe doesn’t give a shit about you. 


God and Atheists

So I read a quote. “No atheist at sea” literally meaning that at the last moments of a person’s life he is not an atheist. Obviously, when you know now you can’t save yourself, you depend on someone else. That someone else, is God. When you are desperate for help you don’t think the methods of helping yourself instead you look for people who would help. When you’re stuck below something you don’t see the ways to push that thing up but instead you shout for help. I think that that is how people started believing in God, they needed someone to depend upon. And around that God became religion. And from that religion they made stories. To have more belief in the God. People started to become needy, and someone to fulfill their needs, so what if the wishes don’t come true, they said you just have to ‘belief’. And when you believe that is the time when you will get your wishes granted. And slowly the people made a business around ‘God’. They started selling statues and books and pictures and opened up temples, started taking money which they called ‘donations’. That is the times everything went wrong when people started asking money in the name of God. Heck, even the beggar asks money in the name of God. It’s not wrong to belief. It’s when you make profit off that belief. And when they weren’t satisfied with one God they made more Gods, 330 million to be exact in just one country. I would think that’s a bit over the top. And yet, I write this on the way to a temple, not because I wanted to, but my family who believes in this God wanted to.