Hello! Welcome to the most random page on the internet. My name is Saiyam Dhamija. Now this is a 16 year old fat teen you’re talking about, and a lot of random things come to a 16 year old fat teen so that is why this so random. Now a little about me I am a boy who currently lives near the capital of India. I am in 10th grade right now I live with my mom and dad who are really forcing, they are Indian, can’t expect a lot from Indian parents. I am currently working on two books (I call them books, I don’t know what they are though). I have one shitty computer and no phone. I want a laptop. I hate mathematics and science. I love reading and writing. I am not good at sports. In subjects I dig English and Civics. I have many inspirations. My favourite Youtubers are Casey Neistat and Jacksepticeye. I love writing in my favourite notebook. My instagram is @saiyam.dhamija . My twitter is @SaiyamDhamija