Okay, so today I was on a road trip with my mom and dad. We were just going for a day road trip because dad had some office work and my mom and I also went with him. I didn’t notice it on the way there because I was reading a great book named ‘ONE + ONE = THREE’ by Dave Trott. But what I noticed today was astonishing for me, if I am not able to convey my idea good enough just theorize. How it hit was that on the way back I was riding shotgun, and it was a two road with really small division between the two roads. And what I saw was almost hundreds of headlights passing every minute (it was a busy road), headlights were of cars, bike, scooter, buses, trucks, any kind of road transportation you could think of. And in every vehicle there was either one or more people sitting in the vehicle going somewhere. And my idea all these people that pass those people have different lives, a life really different and just the fact that there are 7,483,244,858 lives right now in this world. Just astonishes me. And all this on a little blue planet. (Compared to other heavenly bodies)



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