So, I was reading ‘Fault on our Stars’ (really great book) while I went to watch ‘Kaabil’ (really great movie). Both things about the idea of love, death and revenge. So, my brain just shifted on the idea of death. Of how a person can either go really slowly with pain and suffering and just die suddenly after all the pain, like cancer. Or, a person could just go, like in a car accident. And the second idea of a person just going from nowhere just astonishes me. I could just go down to the street to buy milk and bread and I could get hit by a car and die. Just die. Just go. That was it. That was my life finished because of a careless or drunk driver. And nobody would even remember me other than my friends and family. Because nobody else knew me. Because I didn’t get to do anything. Because I was only 16 when I died. So I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t get a chance to go to college, get a degree, get a job. Or If I took the way to my dreams, I couldn’t make a movie, I couldn’t write a book, my article wouldn’t get in a big daily (read my ‘Dreams’ blog if you don’ get this). Well, in the end, I hope I don’t die early in my life.


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