‘My Spectacles’

My spectacles which I got about 2 years ago, when I got them I was really fed up with them. I didn’t want to wear them at all, ever. They were the only thing I hated the most. Many a times I forgot them intentionally, just so I didn’t have to bare the stress. I used with carelessness (not like I use them with care now). All the stress that I had to bare only, a person with spectacles can know. Fast forward to now, I can’t live my life without them. I have to have them with me twenty four seven. I have to take them to school, to watch a movie, even if am going out just for two minutes from the house. Even in the house, I use them all day, every day. This is a symbol of how life changes, of how people adapt. I hated my spectacles and now I can’t live without them. So, whenever a change comes around, embrace it, good or bad. In the end, you will adapt and your life will be better.


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