‘Dreams’, ‘Hopes’, ‘Motives’, such positive words that fill you with inspiration. Dreams, something everybody has in some form. I am sure even you have it. I have many. Sure I’ll tell you. Some are, ‘I can say to myself “I have been everywhere in the world I wanted to be”, ‘To write such an article in a big daily and above it written “By Saiyam Dhamija”.’ Another one is ‘To make a film that would move many and in the end it would say “Directed by- Saiyam Dhamija”.’ ‘To have a book that would inspire many and at cover it would be written “Written by Saiyam Dhamija”. ‘When I am in my 30’s I have a girl of my life to say to me “I love you Saiyam”. ‘When I am old my kids would think I am cool.’ And the most important to me ‘Just before my death I could say to myself “You did it Saiyam, you fulfilled your dreams, you did it all Saiyam, you did it” and I will work my hardest I could do to make these dreams a reality.

To see my inspiration for this article: https://youtu.be/BQ_z48aJD5o


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